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Dear Neighbor,

This is an outreach effort by homeowners who live between Barrington and Bowling Green, from Sunset to the Santa Monica Mountains, better known as the beautiful Bundy Canyon. We are committed to preserving quality of life, peaceful enjoyment of our property and the future value of our homes. United with this mission, we have formed Bundy Canyon Neighborhood Association, and we want to keep you apprised of our future goals and activities, and ways you can help.

One of our immediate concerns is Mount Saint Mary’s proposal to add a vast 48,000 square foot building to their Chalon Campus. This combined with the expansion of Archer School and  their massive construction under way will have adverse effects on traffic and our quality of life in Bundy Canyon.
As a neighborhood we cannot ignore this huge burden!

  1. Immediately: There will be more traffic, more noise, more pollution caused by heavy construction trucks and crew driving through our streets. There will be increased Fire Danger as Bundy Canyon is located in the “Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone” during the worst drought in Los Angeles history. Difficulty of access by Fire Fighters and Emergency Service Vehicles throughout the years of preparation and construction is something we cannot afford.
  2. The result: A larger student enrollment at Mount Saint Mary’s (current enrollment listed at 3000). There will be more classes and special events held on campus leading to more students, visitors, staff and supply trucks speeding through our neighborhood at all hours of the day, every day.
    Only with homeowner involvement, intervention, and tenacity can we mitigate issues affecting our wonderful neighborhood.  Join us and Stay Informed. Together, we can keep our Bundy Canyon the home we know and love.  Take action now:


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